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Advertise on is where Western Pennsylvania comes for the latest in news, weather, and sports. 

Pittsburgh's Digital News Destination

Premium Digital Advertising

Cross-platform video and display ads provide visibility for your brand by maintaining a consistent presence across all devices during your campaign. Our premium ad inventory includes: 


Reinforce your brand message with exclusive sponsorships on high-traffic website pages, including the homepage, weather section, local news, and sports. 


Boost your message in moments that matter the most. We can create ad areas that target folks in your  neighborhood, at an event, or within your service area.


Air your commercials online on any device with WTAE live streams and on-demand newscasts.

Tickers and Countdowns

Create urgency and boost conversion rates with countdown timers in your display ads. Great for promoting events or sales, these tickers encourage immediate action.

Let's craft your campaign together 

Our team is here to collaborate with you. We'll learn about your marketing objectives and recommend a customized strategy to grow your  brand.

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