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Hearst AnyScreen

Adults in the U.S. spend more than half of their day connected to media, across hundreds of platforms, programs, and devices. Deliver your digital advertising to a hyper-targeted audience, wherever they spend their time online.

Every screen is an opportunity

With over 173 million unique visitors to Hearst properties per month (the 9th highest among the digital giants), we can help you reach your audience with precision anytime, anywhere, on AnyScreen. 

Over the Top (OTT)

A single, centralized access point to the streaming TV marketplace


Non-skippable premium commercials reach your target audience wherever they watch video.


Audience-targeted, premium display and rich media placements


The immense breadth and scale of  the social media world to drive compelling results for your brand

Your customer is complex. 
Reaching them doesn't have to be.

Classic Audiences 

Mix and match key attributes from our a-la carte audience targeting menu featuring common demographic, behavioral and lifestyle segments.

Audience Personas

Reach your ideal customer with ease by choosing from our library of robust, pre-built targeting profiles, like Active Parents, Gear Heads, Entertainment Seekers, Auto Intenders and more. 

Custom Audiences

Meet your campaign's unique goals with a customized targeting strategy built on our expansive library of over 30,000 audience segments from the industry's leading data providers .

Hearst AnyScreen
in Action

Explore how different businesses define and reach their specific consumer base.

Targeting Tactics that Deliver

Over 173 million unique visitors engage with Hearst digital properties monthly.
Here's how we determine which ones should see your ad:

Hearst Local Access

Hearst Local Access offers direct, premium display placement across the full portfolio of Hearst Digital Magazines' nationally recognized brands.


Serve ads to users based on current or previously visited locations, including those near a location during a specific date and/or time. Stadiums, arenas, convention centers, festivals and competitor locations are all prime candidates for geofencing.


Through our exclusive partnership with The Weather Channel, you can trigger specific ads to run based on real-time weather conditions in selected locations


Build brand awareness through targeted repetition. Drive return visits to your site with consistent brand messaging across screens. 

Keyword and Contextual

Looks at the category and/or keywords of a website and serves ads relevant to that page’s content. Some example contextual categories can include arts/entertainment, automotive, business, family planning or fitness.


Deliver a specific message to users based on their geographic location, based on ZIP codes, designated market areas, state, or county.


Demographic targeting shows ads to users based on specific qualifying demographic characteristics such as age/gender/income.


Behavioral targeting finds users most receptive to your advertising message based on their habits and interests. Data is collected from a variety of sources including online history (e.g., pages visited, content viewed, search terms, clicks and purchases) and used to build interest, enthusiast and intender audiences.

Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting enables advertisers to combine the effectiveness of search with the reach of display by targeting potential customers based on the searches they perform across the web.

Let's craft your campaign together 

Our team is here to collaborate with you. We'll learn about your marketing objectives and recommend a customized strategy to grow your  brand.

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