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Made In Pittsburgh: 13 Hometown Brand Collaborations We Love

From the Steel City's rich sports culture to its vibrant culinary scene, Pittsburgh is a city that rallies behind our local brands and the collaborative projects that bring them together in exciting new ways. Hometown brand collaborations in Pittsburgh go beyond mere partnerships; they embody the spirit of community, creativity, and shared passion.

Whether it's the Mancini's Bread that bookends an iconic Primanti Bros. sandwich, or the one season wonder NFL team, the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Steagles, these collaborations not only celebrate the city's heritage but also create unique experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Join us as we highlight some of the dynamic duos that have emerged from the heart of Pittsburgh, where the merging of brands sparks excitement, innovation, and a true sense of local pride.

13 Pittsburgh Power Couples and Their Buzzy Brand Collaborations:

1 | Steel City Salt Company + Row House Cinema: Steel City Salt Company, Pittsburgh's own local purveyor of artisanal salts, has joined forces with Lawrenceville's independent Row House Cinema, to season specialty popcorn flavors with unique blends. For example, ahead of the Row House's annual Japanese Film Festival, the brands collaborated on a two new flavors that were as delicious as they were on theme: Wasabi Salt and Sichimi Togarashi Salted.

2 | Andy Warhol Museum + Converse: The Andy Warhol Museum brought the artists' love for pop culture to life when they partnered with Converse, the renowned footwear brand, on a collection of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers inspired by Andy Warhol's artwork. The collaboration showcased Warhol's vibrant prints and motifs on the sneakers, allowing fans to hit the streets with Warhol's most iconic art on their feet.

3 | Millie's Homemade Ice Cream + Wild Purveyors: Millie's Homemade Ice Cream collaborated with Wild Purveyors, a local specialty food store focusing on wild-foraged ingredients, to create unique ice cream flavors inspired by nature. These limited-edition flavors incorporated ingredients sourced from the wild, such as ramps, elderflowers, or pawpaw fruit. The collaboration showcased the diversity and natural beauty of the Pittsburgh region while introducing customers the tastes of locally foraged ingredients.

4 | Duquesne Light Company + Pittsburgh Pirates: Two hometown institutions teamed up to illuminate PNC Park’s sustainability practices while giving back to underserved communities in the area. The partnership encompasses two main elements - the “Duquesne Light Power Hitters” program and support for the PNC Park Urban Garden, powered by DLC. Through their collaboration, Duquesne Light Company and the Pirates illuminate not only the baseball diamond but also the spirit and pride of the Pittsburgh community, ensuring that every game is an unforgettable experience for fans of the team and residents of the city.

5 | 412 Food Rescue + Pittsburgh Public Schools: 412 Food Rescue partnered with Pittsburgh Public Schools to tackle food waste in school cafeterias. Through this collaboration, 412 Food Rescue works with the schools to identify surplus food that can be safely rescued and distributed to those in need. The collaboration aims to reduce food waste and ensure that excess food from school cafeterias goes to feed hungry individuals rather than being discarded.

6 | The Pittsburgh Juice Company + East End Brewing Company: East End Brewing Company: Pittsburgh Juice Company collaborated with East End Brewing Company, a local craft brewery, to create a unique beverage called "Juicy Brew." This collaboration resulted in a beer infused with Pittsburgh Juice Company's cold-pressed juice, offering a refreshing and flavorful combination of beer and juice. The partnership showcased the creativity and craftsmanship of both brands, appealing to beer and juice enthusiasts alike.

7 | The Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Steagles: During World War II, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles joined forces to create the Steagles, a temporary brand collaboration. The Steagles symbolized unity and resilience, bringing together the best players from both teams to overcome the challenges of player shortages during the war. Although their existence was brief, the Steagles left a lasting legacy, showcasing the power of collaboration and the shared spirit of football communities in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

8 | Sarris Candies + Kennywood Amusement Park: Sarris Candies and Kennywood, a historic amusement park, have created exclusive chocolate assortments and souvenir tins that can be found at Kennywood's gift shops. These collaborations allow visitors to enjoy delicious chocolates while celebrating the fun and nostalgia of the amusement park.

9 | Primanti Bros. + Wigle Whiskey: Primanti Bros., famous for its iconic sandwiches piled high with coleslaw and fries, collaborated with Wigle Whiskey, a local distillery, to create a unique whiskey-infused barbecue sauce. The sauce combines the flavors of Primanti Bros.' signature sandwich with Wigle Whiskey's spirits, offering a distinctive taste experience.

10 | Eat N Park + Klavon's Ice Cream: Eat'n Park collaborated with Klavon's Ice Cream, a historic local ice cream parlor, to create a limited-time dessert offering. This partnership resulted in the "Klavon's Sundae," which featured Klavon's ice cream paired with Eat'n Park's signature toppings and syrups. The collaboration aimed to bring together two beloved Pittsburgh establishments known for their delicious treats.

11 | The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium + Rivendale Farms: The Pittsburgh Zoo collaborated with Rivendale Farms, a local sustainable farm, to offer visitors a farm-to-table dining experience. Rivendale Farms provides fresh, locally sourced ingredients to the zoo's restaurants and cafes, ensuring that visitors can enjoy sustainable and high-quality food options during their visit.

12 | Burns Scalo Real Estate Company + Harvie: This collaboration brings the best of local produce and community-driven initiatives to the forefront. As part of their partnership, Harvie provides a curated selection of fresh, seasonal produce sourced from local farms and delivers them directly to residents and businesses in Burns Scalo properties. By offering tenants memberships and access to high-quality, locally grown food, they promote sustainable agriculture and support local farmers. Through the Harvie's and Burns Scalo collaboration, the shared vision of fostering healthier and more vibrant communities is brought to life, creating a sustainable and delicious experience for all.

13 | "Plate It, Pittsburgh" and the Pittsburgh culinary scene: "Plate It, Pittsburgh," streaming on the Very Local app, has become a platform for celebrating the diverse and thriving food scene in Pittsburgh through impactful brand collaborations. By bridging the gaps between restaurants, chefs, artisans, and community events, the show showcases the culinary fusion that epitomizes Pittsburgh's gastronomic identity. These collaborations not only create memorable dining experiences for viewers but also nurture the growth of local businesses and foster a sense of community within the culinary industry. "Plate It, Pittsburgh" serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, inviting viewers to savor the flavors of Pittsburgh through the lens of these remarkable brand partnerships.

Local brand collaborations like these are powerful marketing tools. By teaming up with complementary brands in their community, businesses can tap into new markets, captivate consumers, and unlock opportunities for growth. In a world where consumers seek unique and authentic experiences, brand collaborations offer a powerful platform for businesses to differentiate themselves and leave a lasting impact.

5 ways brand collaborations drive growth:

1 | Expanded Reach and Audience Engagement:

One of the greatest advantages of brand collaborations is the ability to tap into new audiences and expand your reach. By partnering with another brand, you gain access to their existing customer base, exposing your products or services to a whole new demographic. This expanded reach increases brand awareness, generates buzz, and ultimately drives more traffic and potential customers to your business. Collaborations enable you to engage with a broader audience, opening up avenues for growth that may have been otherwise difficult to achieve.

2 | Enhanced Credibility and Trust:

When two reputable brands collaborate, they bring together their respective strengths and reputations, which can significantly boost credibility and trust among consumers. Customers tend to associate positive attributes of one brand with its collaborator, creating a halo effect that enhances the perceived value and quality of the partnered products or services. This heightened credibility can help businesses establish trust with new customers, especially when entering new markets or launching innovative offerings.

3 | Creativity and Innovation:

Brand collaborations provide a fertile ground for creativity and innovation. By merging different perspectives, expertise, and resources, collaborating brands can create unique, out-of-the-box experiences that captivate consumers' attention. Collaborations often result in fresh and exciting products, services, or experiences that break the mold and generate buzz. The synergy of two brands coming together fosters creativity and pushes the boundaries of what is possible, leading to memorable campaigns that resonate with audiences.

4 | Cost-Effective Marketing:

Marketing campaigns can be costly, particularly for small or emerging businesses. Brand collaborations present a cost-effective alternative by allowing companies to pool their resources and share the expenses of marketing initiatives. By dividing the costs, both brands can maximize their marketing budget and achieve greater impact. Whether it's sharing advertising space, co-hosting events, or creating joint promotional materials, collaborations enable businesses to achieve more with less.

5 | Emotional Connection and Storytelling:

Brand collaborations often tap into the power of storytelling, creating narratives that emotionally resonate with consumers. When two brands align their values, missions, or narratives, they can tell a more compelling story that captures the hearts and minds of their audience. Collaborations can evoke nostalgia, create memorable experiences, or spark conversations that leave a lasting impression on consumers. By leveraging shared values and creating meaningful connections, brands can forge deeper relationships with their customers.


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