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7 Ways to Tell Your Brand's Story with Video

It's no secret that video marketing captures authentic moments and builds emotional connections between brands and their audiences. The data collected over the last decade shows that video marketing works. Brands can leverage video content to introduce new products, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. In fact, 99% of marketers currently using in video in their strategy plan to continue to do so (Hubspot).

But getting started can be overwhelming, whether you're a beginner with a smartphone and a vision, or you're ready to bring in a production partner who can deliver cinematic video. Get the creative juices flowing with these fun video formats for brands:

01 | Docu-Style

Documentary style videos are an impactful way to introduce your company, share big news, or promote all the things that make your brand special. These unscripted videos are informative, memorable and engaging.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example:

A pediatric dental practice showcases their unique approach to making appointments fun

02 | Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials bring your satisfied customers glowing reviews to life! Their voices and smiles will hold the audience's attention as they give an honest and candid endorsement that will help prospects feel confident in connecting with your brand.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example: Allied Milk Everyday athletes discuss how they use milk to fuel their training

03 | Challenges and Competitions

Add a fun twist to your videos by putting your products to the test with an exciting, up-tempo challenge video. Rather than a traditional product explainer, this style of video can infuse a sense of playfulness into your brand while providing proof of your products' superior features.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example: Advisor Branch Members of the Advisor Branch team race to see which is faster - their awesome CRM system or traditional methods for organizing client data

04 | A Day in the Life

A quick search for "Day in the Life" on YouTube yields over 454 million results. This style of video is immensely popular among viewers because it provides an authentic look behind-the-scenes. Show off your expertise and process with an unscripted glimpse into your world.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example: The team at Tampa Bay Downs, a family-owned racetrack, take viewers on a journey through their race-day routines, from caring for their horses to the spectator experiences available at the track

05 | How-To

Give viewers the scoop with tips, tools, and tricks to make the most of your product offering. Educational content with a sense of humor and authenticity help your potential customers feel confident in engaging with your brand and products.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example: Visitors with varying levels of shellfish expertise crack into a variety of menu options while showing the do's and don'ts of shellfish:

06 | Employee Spotlights

Your team members are more than just the faces of your brand; they're the heart of your business. Celebrate their contributions and introduce their stories to potential customers with employee spotlight videos.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example: The team at Kenny Ross shares how they work together to deliver the best possible customer experience at their dealership

07 | Community Connections

Businesses often use their products and expertise to make an impact for food in their communities. Videos that highlight these efforts can build trust and boost favorability, while also promoting great causes.

Hearst TV Digital Studio Example: Zerorez of Pittsburgh delivers a surprise deep cleaning as a thank you to a woman who fosters animals in her home

Did these videos spark an idea for your business? The team at Hearst TV Digital Studios can bring your vision to life, with help from concepting, to production, all the way to promoting your completed video across the internet.


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