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Research QuickBite: Price Points in Pittsburgh

To borrow a phrase coined by our research partners at CivicScience, attitudes change before behaviors do. That’s why WTAE's research department keeps their finger on the pulse of Pittsburgh's consumers’ needs, wants, concerns, and plans. With timely, local research, advertisers can tailor messaging and strategies to resonate with consumers effectively.

The Research:

Using CivicScience poll data collected over the last 365 days, we recently investigated the attitudes Pittsburgh's consumers hold in regards to brand loyalty. How does a city known for its blue-collar ethos and practicality, compare to the rest of the country when asked: "When shopping, what is more important to you: brand or price?"


Nationwide Survey:

Pittsburgh Metro Survey

Compared to the rest of the country, consumers in the Pittsburgh metro area exhibit an inclination towards price sensitivity. With 2% fewer respondents selecting brand as the primary decision driver than the national average, this heightened sensitivity to price underscores the pragmatic nature of Pittsburgh's consumer base.

Understanding and leveraging this preference for value-driven purchasing can empower advertisers to craft compelling marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with Pittsburgh consumers, driving engagement and fostering long-term brand affinity in this vibrant marketplace.

What does that mean for advertisers:

  1. Price Prevails: This emphasis we see in Pittsburgh on affordability underscores the pragmatic nature of shoppers who are on the lookout for the best deals. For advertisers, this presents a unique opportunity to leverage competitive pricing strategies as a means of capturing their attention and dollars. Whether it's offering enticing discounts, value-added promotions, or transparent pricing structures, aligning marketing efforts with Pittsburgh's price-conscious mindset can be a game-changer in driving engagement and conversion.

  2. Adapting Messaging: From reevaluating pricing structures to launching targeted promotions and bundling deals, there's ample room for creativity in tailoring advertising messaging to meet the needs of Pittsburgh consumers. Market research and consumer insights specific to your industry can provide invaluable guidance in understanding the nuanced preferences and behaviors of Pittsburgh shoppers in your space, enabling advertisers to fine-tune their strategies for maximum impact. (We can help you get to know your target customer better!) By proactively adapting their approaches to align with Pittsburgh's price-centric mindset, advertisers can position themselves for success in this vibrant and dynamic market.

  3. Nurturing Brand Loyalty: While price holds significant sway, brand loyalty still plays a role in consumer decision-making. Brands offering a premium product do not need to fret. There are plenty of brand-focused consumers here in the metro, and we have another layer of they research that shows what matters most to them when selecting brands: quality. For brands that offer premium products and either can't or won't adjust prices, crafting brand stories that highlight the quality of their offerings is critical, as highlighted by these findings from CivicScience:


Research like this serves to sheds a light on the nuanced consumer landscape of Pittsburgh, emphasizing the city's inclination towards price sensitivity and pragmatic purchasing behavior.

For advertisers, this presents a wealth of opportunities to tailor their messaging and strategies to align with the preferences of Pittsburgh consumers effectively. By prioritizing affordability, adapting messaging to resonate with local needs, and nurturing brand loyalty through quality-focused storytelling, advertisers can position themselves for success in Pittsburgh's vibrant marketplace.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of Pittsburgh's consumers, advertisers can navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence, driving engagement, and fostering long-term brand affinity.


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