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Streaming Ads

Combine broadcast's big screen experience with the measurable results and precise targeting that come with digital advertising. Plug in with priority access to Hearst's premium properties like A&E, the History Channel and more.  

Extensive Reach. Impeccable Placement. 

Premium Programs

Get priority access to Hearst-owned premium inventory on A+E, History, Lifetime, our local news and weather, and more with local and national reach to over 100 million viewers

Non-Skippable Ads

Just like traditional television, streaming serves linear ads in short commercial pods within premium, long-form content. Our streaming ads boast an industry-leading 97.1% average video completion rate

Curated Partners

In addition to Hearst properties, get access a hand-picked mix of premium TV publishers and streaming networks that provide scale for advanced targeting across every designated market area in the U.S

Measured Results

Sophisticated reporting lets you track performance across time periods, content providers, streaming channels, programs, screen types, media players, apps, and more. 

Streaming is Mainstream:

households watch OTT monthly

of homes with WiFi stream OTT

viewers watch OTT monthly

100 hours
of OTT content streamed montly

And it is here to stay. By 2025: 

more viewers will watch OTT 

of Americans watching OTT

Let's craft your campaign together 

Our team is here to collaborate with you. We'll learn about your marketing objectives and recommend a customized strategy to grow your  brand.

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