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Quick Guide: WTAE Research 101

WTAE Hearst Pittsburgh’s award-winning news, sports, weather, and entertainment programming delivers the information that Pittsburghers rely on to navigate their day. Our best-in-class research capabilities deliver the data and analytics that advertisers need to find their future customers within that audience.

We won’t lie, we’re pretty proud the research toolbelt we’ve compiled. We combine first-party data and powerful proprietary tools to track demographics, preferences, behaviors, and more.

Get to know the tools we use to take a deep dive into our audience:

01 | ESRI: The Science of Where

The experts at ESRI have been layering data over maps to answer some of the world’s most complex problems since 1969. Their powerful tool allows businesses to explore the demographics and psychographics of the customers in their service areas. We use their data to breakdown the population of your service area by all kinds of different factors, like age and household size.

In addition to this quantitative data, they go a step further with qualitative data sets known as ESRI Tapestry Segmentation. ESRI Tapestry Segmentation classifies US neighborhoods into 14 unique LifeMode groups. These groups are then further broken down into 67 consumer-segments, made up of individuals who share common traits like income, household size and interests. For example, you can learn about the Metro Renters (Tapestry Segment 3B) is within "Uptown Individuals" LifeMode Group here:

Interested in learning what LifeMode groups make up the fabric of your service area? Contact us and we'll explore together!

02 | Marshall Marketing: Providing Marketing Intelligence

We leverage the qualitative research that Marshall Marketing surveys collect to answers questions like:

  • Who is my customer?

  • What matters most to them?

  • How do I reach them?

Understanding what motivates their actions helps us precisely develop advertising messaging. For example, we know that quality of the produce and meat departments have the biggest impact for the women of Southwestern Pennsylvania when they are selecting a grocer:

Their surveys are conducted regionally, so they're particularly adept at capturing all of the nuances that make Pittsburgh and the people who live here unique. As Marshall Marketing's exclusive partner in the region for over three decades, we are also able to compare the changes in consumer mindset year-over-year:

Each year, we select a handful of our own questions to include in Marshall Marketing surveys. Have a burning question you'd like answered? Contact us to talk about the data we already have the information we can capture going forward.

03 | Media Monitors: The Leader in Local Media Monitoring

When it comes to Media Monitors, it's all in the name. They monitor what's happening in the media in near real-time. More specifically, they track advertising across broadcast TV, cable TV, and radio:

These competitive intelligence reports provide spending data in your market and identify the top categories, dayparts, and stations. We have access to the full picture of what's on the air at a glance, and we share that with our advertising partners to fine-tune and optimize their media spends.

Do you know where your competitors are advertising? Let's take a look at the ad landscape you're working in and make a game plan.

04 | Nielsen Media Research: Audience Is Everything™

Long known as the the gold standard of linear TV measurement, Nielsen Media Research delivers cross-platform measurement data of the entire population and its shifting habits. They have adapted beyond just linear television and today are uniquely equipped to make sense of the complexities that come with a fragmented media landscape. For example, Nielsen provides insights into local streaming TV viewership:

Meet Tatia O'Connor, Research Director

If the capabilities described above are the tools in our kit, Tatia is the artisan putting them to work. With over 20 years in media research under her belt, she combines these tools and more to give WTAE Hearst Pittsburgh advertisers the edge they need to win in their respective competitive landscapes. She can assist you in laser-targeting the audiences that need to know about your brand and offerings.


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