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Boost Brand Awareness with Plate It Pittsburgh Product Placement Spots

Very Local Pittsburgh audiences are in for a wild and delicious ride as things heat up in the kitchen on Plate It Pittsburgh. This new competitive cooking show, streaming exclusively on Very Local Pittsburgh, serves up local flavor as two Pittsburgh chefs go head-to-head to create a three-course meal utilizing ingredients sourced from unique local products and markets. The program showcases chefs and cuisines that infuse the spirit of the Pittsburgh into their culinary creations.

Plate It Pittsburgh is currently seeking exciting new product placement partnerships for the show’s second season. If you make or sell something tasty that local audiences should know about, don’t miss this unique opportunity to promote your products, as well as inventive ways to cook with them!

Product placement opportunities like this gives brands the opportunity to make their products and services a part of the entertainment. No ad skipping here! Research shows that product placement spots:

  • Reach even the most ad-averse audiences

  • Develop deeper brand connections

  • Boost product affinity

  • Ultimately drive sales

Embed your products in Very Local Pittsburgh audiences’ favorite content to deliver seamless, authentic branded moments.

Do you sell a product or service that deserves the spotlight? To learn more about sponsorship and placement opportunities, email or call 412-244-4485. Let’s whip up some appetizing awareness for your brand!


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