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Winning Strategies: Advertisers Score in Pittsburgh with Sports Marketing

Even in these muggy dog days of summer, the sales and marketing team at WTAE have fall sports on our minds. Two highly anticipated games will hit WTAE's airwaves this September: the fierce "Backyard Brawl" between the Pitt Panthers and WVU Mountaineers, followed by an early season matchup between the Steelers and their conference rivals, the Cleveland Browns. As the exclusive broadcaster of these games (including pre- and post-game coverage), WTAE is the go-to destination for fans seeking to experience the heart-pounding action live from the comfort of their homes.

Sports Advertising for Growth-Minded Businesses

Advertisers are continually challenged to forge memorable and action-inspiring connections with their target audiences, who, in turn, are filtering through a world full of advertising noise. Enter sports advertising - a powerful and effective strategy that can yield remarkable results. By leveraging the immense popularity of sports, especially in a town like Pittsburgh, businesses can achieve unparalleled reach and impact.

During live sports broadcasts, advertisers gain access to an extensive and engaged audience. As fans tune in to support their favorite teams, they form emotional connections with the games and players, creating an ideal environment for brands to build awareness and affinity. Aligning with beloved sports teams allows businesses to share in the passion and loyalty of fans, creating lasting impressions that extend far beyond the game.

Infographic, visualizing how many of Pittburgh's stadiums WTAE's TV audience would fill

The Reach and Engagement of Live Sports Broadcasts

At WTAE, we take immense pride in delivering high-quality sports broadcasts that captivate audiences across Pittsburgh and beyond. From our Black and Gold pregame coverage to the post-game news, with all the action-packed game content in between, we deliver an engaging home viewing experience for our audiences.

The upcoming Steelers vs. Browns game is expected to draw an incredible reach of over 800,000 viewers! With that number in mind, we are forecasting over 650,000 impressions per TV spot during the game.

Truth be told, it isn't easy to visualize exactly what an audience that large looks like, so we created the attached infographic to put it in perspective. If we sold out 15 (!) of Pittsburgh's largest sports arenas, we'd still be scrambling to get a few thousand audience members seated.

Imagine standing on the field at each of these iconic venues and telling those sellout crowds everything that they should know about your brand. That's the reach you can achieve with one spot during a WTAE football broadcast.

Even in an era where cord-cutting has become prevalent, live sports broadcasts remain a compelling reason for viewers to maintain their TV subscriptions. As a result, advertisers can be confident that their messages will resonate with a vast and engaged audience, making TV advertising a surefire strategy for capturing the attention of sports fans.

Maximizing Impact with Dual-Screen Advertising

Want your sports ad dollars to go the extra yard? Consider the dual-screen experience. During live sports broadcasts, viewers often engage with the game on the big screen while simultaneously participating in online commentary and social media discussions on their devices. This phenomenon presents a unique opportunity for businesses to optimize their advertising efforts.

Complementing TV advertising with strategic digital placements ensures that brands reach sports viewers on both screens, creating a powerful synergy that maximizes impact. By embracing this approach, growth-minded businesses can extend their reach further and foster deeper connections with their target audiences. Social media platforms, in particular, offer an avenue for businesses to actively engage with viewers, tapping into the buzz surrounding live sports events and amplifying their brand messages. With Hearst's arsenal of best-in-class digital ad products, WTAE's digital advertising team is ready to help you make a winning digital game plan.

The Final Snap on Sports Advertising with WTAE

Sports advertising in Pittsburgh's sports-loving market is an undisputed winning strategy for growth-minded businesses. With exclusive live sports broadcasts, like those included in the upcoming football season, WTAE opens the door to exceptional reach, engagement, and emotional connections with audiences. By aligning their brands with the passion of sports fans, advertisers have the opportunity to score big and leave a lasting impact.

As businesses gear up for an exciting football season, we encourage them to seize the power of sports advertising. Embrace the reach and engagement of live sports broadcasts, and enhance your strategy with dual-screen advertising to create an immersive and memorable experience for your audience. Let's unlock the full potential of sports marketing in Pittsburgh and unleash your brand's best victory dance yet.


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