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Sunny Skies and Seasonal Shifts: Creative Advertising Strategies

As the editor of this blog all about local advertising, I pay quite a lot of attention of local advertising, especially here in Pittsburgh. Today, as I’m sitting at my desk watching Pittsburgh’s infamous gloom give way to some afternoon sunshine, I find myself considering how season’s impact advertising, from mood and messaging to media placements and budgets.

Seasonal ads can highlight product offerings that align with the time of year, provide a evoke tremendous emotion. For example, nothing says the holiday season has arrived here in Pittsburgh quite like the Eat N Park Christmas tree commercial. (Admittedly, this blogger all but threw her credit card at the kind folks at Steel City when they launched a t-shirt version.)

However, a rotation of seasonal ads comes with additional costs, from production to placement. Savvy ad strategists need to assess whether the additional expense is justified by a strategic alignment with market conditions, audience behaviors, and competitive dynamics.

To that end, WTAE Advertising is pleased to share our Decision Guide for Seasonal Advertising Shifts to help local advertisers determine if seasonal campaigns are the right fit for their brand and business, and how to approach them:

As we navigate through the seasons here in Pittsburgh, it’s clear that strategic seasonal advertising can make a significant impact. However, the additional costs and complexities require careful consideration. By using our Readiness Guide for Seasonal Advertising Shifts, you can evaluate whether your brand is ready to embrace the seasonal advertising opportunities and how best to approach them.

At WTAE Advertising, we're dedicated to supporting local advertisers through every stage of their campaign planning and execution. Our team is equipped with the expertise and tools needed to ensure your seasonal campaigns not only resonate with your audience but also deliver a strong return on investment.


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